Saturday, May 15, 2010

Does a blue shirt look good with black pants.?

Have a business convention to go to for work.I would like to wear a royal blue shirt.The pants will be black and the tie I was thinking is navy.Need some input as to if this will look ok.As a rule I don't dress up so not sure what goes together.

Does a blue shirt look good with black pants.?
royal blue shirt with black pants would look great.Don't wear a navy tie a patterned tie that has royal blue in it....
Reply:well a light blue shirt would look great with black pants. but if its like dark blue it probably wont look that geat.
Reply:Go with either black pants, blue shirt, and BLACK tie


navy pants, blue shirt, and navy tie.

NEVER mix black and navy!!!!
Reply:Definitely a royal blue shirt will go with black pants, a navy tie probably wouldn't work, but who can say! Either wear the shirt and pants when you shop for the tie or take them with you. A tie with some black, royal blue and gray would be nice. It's hard to know without matching everything in the store because sometimes even the weirdest combinations work. Usually the salesperson in a men's shop can be a big help.
Reply:No, your whole outfit is too casual for a business convention. Try a dress shirt instead with some khaki pants.
Reply:sounds good, but the tie in navy?-- do you have a tie that would go better? not sure without seeing it. I love the combination of royal blue and black.
Reply:my treandy daughter says black tie black shoes to much blue go with head up high and you'll look great or a black tie with pin strip
Reply:Navy and black are a badddd combo.
Reply:You should get a tye that as grey, blue and black stripes on the diagonal and a black blazer or even a grey one would look good , don't forget to match your socks with your pants colour and wear black shoes.
Reply:contrast is king
Reply:no no no, another tie maybe red
Reply:ew. no please dont combine those two colors
Reply:Anything goes with black or white, generally, but having a dark color with black usually doesn't look quite as good. Especially if it's a dark navy blue. Black/navy blue are too close in hue.

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