Sunday, April 26, 2009

What colors go well with royal blue?

I just bought these skinny white jeans to go with a pair of royal blue ankle boots but I'm wondering what I should wear on top. What colors would work well with royal blue and white?

What colors go well with royal blue?
Accessorize with silver and wear a a royal blue top. Don't wear gray because either the gray will look out of place or everything else would. the same for other colors. Just make sure that the boots aren't the only royal blue things that you're wearing. If you're going for a primary-colored funky kind of look, wear a red or yellow top with the other color being what you're accessorizing with.
Reply:more royal blue and white for a top
Reply:a blue shirt. maybe black.
Reply:Hey, I'm new to this yahoo answers thing. How about a nice patterned multi coloured top that has the royal blue in it. Maybe like a silky halter from the likes of Oasis or Warehouse. I'm sure u'll look fab!

red and white

Like maybe a striped shirt
Reply:white, gold, light yellow, silver, lighter shade of blue, black..... no red lol or youll look like an american flag.
Reply:golden yellow

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